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Read and learn more about Fragility Fractures of the Pelvis (FFP) and how advancements in surgical treatment with the CurvaFix® IM Implant can enable earlier mobility and faster recovery for elderly patients.


Reclaiming Mobility: JoAnn’s Journey to Recovery with Innovative Pelvic Fragility Fracture Treatment

March 13, 2022, was no picnic for JoAnn Kuntzman. The 72-year-old grandmother of nine intended to take a seat at a picnic table that evening, but instead fell on the concrete below, fracturing her tailbone.

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Inserting a Curve into the Treatment of Fragility Fractures of the Pelvis (FFP)

As we age, our bone density decreases, creating greater risk of fractures of the pelvis. Women especially are at increased risk of fractures due to hormonal changes experienced during menopause that directly affect bone density and strength. Men in their 70s experience a similar weakening of their bones due to the loss of testosterone, affecting bone density.

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