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Fragility Fracture of the Pelvis with Drs. Donegan and Mehta

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Samir Mehta, MD & Derek James, MD

In this episode, Drs. Samir Mehta and Derek Donegan review a new approach to pelvic fragility fracture repair at Penn Trauma and Fracture Services—a fixation device that curves to accommodate the unique structure of the pelvis.

OTA Virtual Industry Session: Advancements in Anterior Ring and Acetabular Fixation with the CurvaFix® IM Implant

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In this Virtual Webinar a panel of orthopedic trauma specialists explore their expanding indications for the innovative CurvaFix® IM Implant to treat curved intraosseous pelvic and acetabular morphology.

Moderated by Samir Mehta, M.D., with cases presented by Dr. Mehta, Rob Wetzel, M,D., Nicholas Quercetti, D.O., and Karl Van Osten, M.D.


AOA Own the Bone: Sponsored CME Webinar: Fragility Fractures of the Pelvis

Dr Samir

During this course, Dr. Mehta will focus on the clinical management and outcomes of patients who sustain a fragility fracture of the pelvis so that orthopaedic surgeons and their multidisciplinary teams can provide the best treatment to FFP patients. This course is for all health care professionals in the patient care pathway for fragility fractures of the pelvis.

There are roughly 150,000 fragility fractures of the pelvis (FFP) per year in the US. Many patients today are managed conservatively with bed rest, pain medication, and mobility assistance. Often, patients experience a worsening of symptoms leading to lengthy hospitalizations, loss of independence, high nursing home admittance, and high rate of mortality. An increasing amount of clinical evidence suggests that more patients could benefit from surgical care than receive it today. Improving care for patients that sustain a fragility fracture of the pelvis requires a coordinated approach between orthopaedic surgeons and other specialties.

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